How is ICANN spending your money?
Date: Tuesday July 13 2010, @06:16PM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

GeorgeK writes "ICANN has released their IRS Form 990 statements for the year ending June 30, 2008. They're summarized in 2-parts here (redacted) and here (unredacted).

ICANN says they use for-profit companies as comparables when determining employee compensation. However, even in the middle of a great recession, salaries have been going up, up, and up! How many for-profit companies have the job security of ICANN staff, and have been seeing raises during a recession? In my opinion, ICANN needs to be using non-profit organizations as comparables, organizations like the NTIA, DOC, DOJ, universities, hospitals and similar groups. Anything above those non-profit salaries is a waste of your money."

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Older news?
by GeorgeK on Tuesday July 13 2010, @07:48PM (#17009)
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I didn't submit this article recently....looks like ICANNWatch is catching up to old submissions?

In a far more recent IRS Form 990 [] it was revealed that at least *16* ICANN staffers are getting paid $200K+, with 8 of those exceeding $300K. Yes, at a "non-profit" during a recession.
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Re: How is ICANN spending your money?
by Louise on Saturday August 28 2010, @08:35AM (#17010)
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Hi, $200,000 - $300,000 doesn't make any difference to me! It's a drop-the-bucket compared to ICANN's responsibilities. If only the top people would actually DO their job! This is no reflection on the hard-working staff within ICANN, lower down.

It seems like ICANN churns out massive paperwork to hide the real issues it is playing behind-the-scenes to reward the big players: Verisign, Go Daddy, and itself, while paying lip service to security, DNSSEC, and accountibility of the Registrars to sign up whoever they want regardless if they violate the Registrar's own terms, thereby causing Registrars to violate the RAA! Anything goes; victims and law enforcement have the burden to find identities of illegal websites, and criminals have a safe haven with Registrars, where they are protected to the limit.
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